Alakazam! April is Main Street Magic Month! - Newsletter

Updated 16 April 2015


Abracadabra! Grab your magic wands and top hats because this month has a few tricks up its sleeve - and not just for April Fools’ Day either! The magicians over at the Main Street Magic Shop have been conjuring up plenty of surprises including new furniture, clothes, pins, and of course - magic spells for April! Esmeralda the Fortuneteller says the magic checkers room is still pulling a few tricks of its own and doesn’t foresee it in this month’s future. Don’t worry though - the Main Street magicians have been making the magic and have plenty in store for this month. Throw in the baseball season, Easter, and Earth day and that conjures up to be one magical month!

Take me out to the ballgame…


Hey batter, batter, swing! The baseball season starts Sunday, April 5th and we’re kicking, er, hitting off the month with the return of some of your favorite baseball items! You’ll be hitting a home run with the Baseball Diamond Guest Room, Spectator Benches, Baseball Bases, and Baseball Outfit Blue - coming to an Emporium near you! Check them out - available now!


Abracadabra! A New Sword Pin Appears!


Available Now! Try your luck at pulling the Sword in the Stone to obtain the new Grumpy Pluto Pin! You can pull the Sword in the Stone in the Fantasyland Courtyard, just ride Alice or Peter Pan until you obtain a magic pin! Have fun and good luck!

Esmeralda’s Trivia!

Test Your Knowledge of Disney Trivia!


Introducing the prophet of wisdom, the knower of all things and Disney trivia expert – Esmeralda!

This Week’s Question:  This “Wild and Crazy Guy” got his start working at Disneyland working in the Main Street Magic Shop. What is this man’s name?

Know the answer?

Send your answer to Be sure to provide your MyVMK username in the email with the answer. From the correct answers submitted, we randomly select three players as the winners and send them a Esmeralda Trivia Pin! You have until Thursday, April 23th, to send your answers in.

Here’s the answer to last week’s question: This powerful witch stars in the 1963 film The Sword in the Stone and duels Merlin the wizard. What is her name?

Answer: Madam Mim


Did you know: The Sword in the Stone was released in 1963. The animated classic, set in medieval times, tells the story of a young boy named Arthur and his Quest to be a king. Arthur learns many lessons and some magic along the way, all under the watchful eye of Merlin.

The Knight at the tournament in the film is voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft. You may have heard his voice before – Thurl is also the lead vocalist on the Haunted Mansion theme song, “Grim Grinning Ghost” (his mustached face can be seen on one of the singing bust in the graveyard scene of the same attraction). He also voiced “Fritz,” the German-accented parrot in the Enchanted Tiki Room and a singing frog on Splash Mountain. Congratulations to the 3 lucky (and randomly picked) players that sent in the correct answer for last week’s question!



Event and Item Info

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Abracadabra! Alakazam! April is Main Street Magic Month! Look out for magic, tricks, jokes, and more conjuring your way. Believe in magic!


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls! For our first magic trick, we’re going to levitate! The Main Street magicians have conjured up this Levitation Magic Pin and they’ll be ready to reveal their secret this Friday, April 3rd! Purchase this new magic trick in the Main Street Magic Shop!


NEW Feature! The Main Street Magicians have granted everyone the power to turn your guest rooms into room pins! To obtain a room pin, simply open up your Guest Rooms and click the “SELL” button located near the description. Now you can trade the pin, or receive guest rooms you may have missed before! To turn the room pin back to a real guest room, click the pin in your inventory and press the “CLAIM” button. Simple!


If only it were this easy to get around in the real world. Wave your magic wand and dematerialize instantly, reappearing somewhere else in the same room with this special power. Now you see me, now you don’t! Pick up the Teleportation Magic in the Main Street Magic shop for this week only!


Add a little magic to your wardrobe and get ready to put on a show for your friends! Just be careful no rabbits escape from the top hat… Available in the Main Street Magic Shop on April 3rd is the new Magician Costume! Presto change-o!


Drop down a Top Hat for the most magical seating any guest room can have! Hats are really where it’s at! Pick up the Magic Show Top Hat Chair Blue in the Main Street Magic Shop this Friday, April 17th!


You’ll be making a grand entrance to your magic show with these new curtains, for certain! Create a show stopping stage with the Magic Show Multicolor Curtain Divider and Magic Show Stage Curtain available in the Main Street Magic Shop this Friday, April 17th!


Available in the Emporium on April 17th is the DLR Disneyland Hotel Pin! This pin is only available for the WEEKEND only, so be sure to pick one up for your collection! It’s the third pin in the second series of the Hotel Pin Set! Collect all 5!

Top Players of the Month

Create a Great Guest Room! Get Recognized!

Player created Guest or Game Rooms demonstrate originality in concept and design. Our judges are looking for creativity, so try using traditional items in different and unique ways. Rooms are judged by MyVMK Staff every month and selected from player rooms.


It looks like Erin found some magic beans when she designed her Jack and the Beanstalk Best Guest Room! Climb up the beanstalk, hop onto the clouds, and brush yourself off. Then take a look at The Giant’s House! Fee Fi FoFum! Are you going to enter? Congratulations!

The Best Guest Room Winner receives:
- 2000 credits
- A free room - Castle Suite Guest Room
- Best Guest Room Award Pin
- Plus! A party in Club 33!

Create a game room and play with friends and others, and a MyVMK judge may notice your idea! Game rooms that get the nod offer a new game idea or a new twist on an old favorite. In all rooms we look for room owners who welcome everyone with a smile and show a willingness to answer questions about their room.


This month’s Best Game Room, Race to Royalty, is fit for a king and queen! Created by McLovin, you’ll race your opponent and attempt to take the throne to become ruler of MyVMK! First you’ll need to quickly find the correct teleporter to access the throne room, then spin matching numbers on the two generators and run to the Castle Turret Chair to be proclaimed the ruler! Congratulations!

The Best Game Room Winner receives:
- 2000 credits
- A free room - Castle Suite Guest Room
- Best Game Room Award Pin
- Plus! A party in Club 33!

MyVMK Staff Profiles

Ever wanted to know more about your favorite staff member? Now you can! Every so often we will be interviewing a different member of the MyVMK Staff. Here is the most recent interview!

Mod name: HOST_Absolem


What is your favorite Public Room in the Kingdom?
The Fantasyland Courtyard! You can always find lots of friendly faces there!

What is your favorite thing to do around the Kingdom?
Aside from running events, hanging out with the players! Wether it’s visiting your rooms or playing your games, I love it!

What is the best item for building your rooms?
This is a tough one! Typhoon Lagoon Palm tops and Royal Clouds are probably 2 of my favorites! Oh, and mushrooms! All rooms must have mushrooms.

What has been your favorite game to host thus far?
Whitewater Rafting Challenges! It was one of my first, and still my favorite! It was hilarious watching the mayhem in the water! XD

Is there any advice you would give to players?
Have fun and respect other players. Don’t get wrapped up in the silly things, it’s never worth it. This game is a very special place, keep the magic alive.

MyVMK Safety and Security

12/5 – Remember to review the MyVMK Values and game guidelines. As always, violence or inappropriate subject matter of adult nature will NOT be tolerated and involvement in this activity will result in a ban of your account.

MyVMK is NO place for negative behavior. Have fun, make friends, play games and chat, but please keep in mind MyVMK must always be a safe and appropriate place for Players of ALL ages. Please help keep VMK just like the Disney Theme Parks - a safe, fun and magical place for everyone!

Respect other players. Scams (theft), violence, giving out personal information or discussing adult content (sexual or otherwise), vulgarity or inappropiate behavior have NO place in MyVMK.

Help is always available.

MyVMK’s ‘Call For Help’ button is easy to use and always accessible – just click on the HELP button on the lower right of the VMK player window. We encourage you to let us know if anything unsafe or suspicious catches your attention.


Tip: Remember the ‘Call For Help’ is like MyVMK’s 911. So while we encourage you to use it, please only do so for serious player issues. And like 911, using ‘Call For Help’ to report false information will get you in trouble too, so make sure you’re reporting the incident or player accurately.

If you do have a serious problem, tell us immediately! The faster you use the ‘Call For Help’ button to make us aware of a problem, the more effective we can be in taking care of the issue. So please, tell us immediately if you have a serious problem and help make MyVMK a fun and safe place for everyone.