Here you can register for MyVMK, it's super easy! Username is the name you will enter when you log into MyVMK, and you will set your in-game name when you first log into MyVMK. Make sure to use a valid email address, because we might ask you to confirm it. Once you're in MyVMK, you will receive a gift of 250 credits to spend on whatever you would like!

Please note your password must contain letters and numbers, and be at least 6 characters long.

By registering for MyVMK, I confirm that I am aged 13 years old, or older.

  Safety Notice

Have fun, make friends, play games, and chat, but please keep in mind - MyVMK must always be a safe and appropriate place for players of all ages.

MyVMK’s Call For Help button is easy to use and always accessible – just click on the HELP button on the lower right of the VMK game window. We encourage you to let us know if anything unsafe or suspicious catches your attention.