Rules & Reporting

  1. Do not bully, harass or threaten other players. This includes things like name calling. If someone asks you to stop talking to them, or to leave them alone, then leave them alone. Remember, if you are being bullied you can use the ignore button and you won’t be able to see them talking anymore.

  2. Do not scam, or attempt to scam, other players. Scamming means tricking them into giving you items or credits through any means.

  3. Use common sense with trading. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Trading is done at your own risk. When you click ‘accept’ you are agreeing to the trade as it is shown. MyVMK will not be responsible for ‘bad trades’. This, however, does not include trades where you were not in control of your account at the time (provided the person gained access to your account without your permission).

  4. Do not attempt to gain access to the accounts of other players, and do not share your password with anyone else. If you do decide to share your login information with someone, you are doing this at your own risk. MyVMK will not be held responsible for any actions on the account in these cases. Remember, anyone who you allow on your account is a representation of you. Therefore, you are the only one held liable for all actions regarding your account.

  5. Do not use any hacking, scripting, or cheating programs to interact with MyVMK. You can use other programs to access the game as long as they don’t give an unfair advantage, so use your common sense. Using any other programs to access MyVMK is done at your own risk.

  6. Do not discuss, or mention, any inappropriate topics inside of the game, such as, but not limited to, sexual discussions and discussions of drugs/alcohol. If you see this happening, be sure to report it immediately as there are minors on the game. Breaking this rule can result in your account being permanently banned, and/or you being reported to the authorities. This is a very serious, and illegal, matter which we take very seriously. One of our top priorities is the safety of all of our players.

  7. Do not break the law or encourage anyone else to break the law. If you are found to be doing so inside of MyVMK, we may report you to the authorities.

  8. Do not publicly share your personal information, or the personal information of anyone else inside of MyVMK. While we do not penalize for using/sharing information on other forms of communication outside of the game, if you decide to do so, you are doing so at your own risk. MyVMK does not monitor, nor are we responsible, for game players activity outside of the game. If someone is abusing this and sharing inappropriate things with you, contact staff immediately and provide as much information as possible. While we are not responsible for activities outside of the game, such information can be used to monitor activity within the game if needed, and we can also offer you advice on how to deal with the situation.

  9. Any kind of hate speech, attacks, or general discrimination/intolerance against others will not be tolerated in MyVMK. This includes, but is not limited to, attacks based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. Breaking this rule will result in your account being permanently banned.

  10. Discussing any kind of trades involving real world currency or things from outside of MyVMK (including, but not limited to items, accounts, and currency from other games) is strictly prohibited. If you do perform one of these transactions, you are responsible for the risk and we will not be able to help you if you get scammed.

  11. Impersonation of other users, or pretending to be staff on MyVMK is not allowed.

  12. Attempting to bypass our chat filter, in any means (such as the use of abbreviations or changing the spelling of words) is not allowed, neither is swearing or using bad words in general.

  13. Only use the Call for Help button in emergencies. Repeated abuse of the feature could result in your account being banned. Our guide for reporting can be found below.

  14. Use of alternate accounts (clones) in order to get an advantage, or earn extra credits in a minigame is not allowed. Remember, always play fair!

  15. Abuse of bugs, glitches, or exploits in the game is not allowed. If you see anyone doing this, please report them as they can give players an unfair advantage over others. If you encounter an exploit, we would much rather you report it to us!

  16. Use common sense! If something obviously shouldn’t be allowed on the game, you will still be punished for it, even if it’s not explicitly mentioned in the rules. Attempting to work around our rules based on specific wordings or failures to mention specific situations is not going to stop you from getting banned.

The terms listed above serve only as general guidelines of staying safe and having fun in game. MyVMK reserves the right to refuse admission for any reason at the discretion of our staff members. Please remember that you are responsible for all actions on your computer/IP address. Breaking these rules will result in your access to MyVMK being revoked. Remember that if you see any of these rules (or anything else that isn’t appropriate for MyVMK), you can report the players in-game using the help button, or on the website using the Contact button on the navigation bar.

Also keep in mind that we can’t do anything about events that have occurred outside of MyVMK. We also reserve the right to deny anyone access to the game for any reasons we see fit. If you are caught evading bans, the length of the ban on your main account will be increased, and the clones you are using will also be banned.

When to Report  

  • When anyone violates any of the rules above - if you don’t report it, our moderators do not know when these violations happen!

  • When someone uses an acronym or misspelling to avoid a blocked inappropriate word.

  • When someone created an additional, or “clone”, account to avoid a ban on their main account.
    • Only report these accounts if they openly admit they have been banned on “another account”.
    • DO NOT report accounts based on suspicion only!

  • When someone is making you feel uncomfortable by:
    • Asking for personal information.
    • Harassing you or discriminating you based on who you are (refer to rule #9).

Other Facts to Know

  • Do not report someone who upsets you yet does not violate any rules.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, “cutting” in line during a player-made game, “stealing” your spot at the Sword in the Stone (in Fantasyland Courtyard), is unknowingly blocking the ALR or PPR (if they purposely block the ride please report the user), or trades you at what you deem to be an unfair value (this is not considered scamming since you accepted the trade).

  • Do not advertise that you are reporting a user, this can create unnecessary tension between users.
    • Once you report them, do not report them for the same issue again - the incident will be handled.

  • Do not send multiple reports regarding entrance to a HOST event - one report is enough and will be handled if anything can be done.

  • Do not report non-emergencies!
    • Anything that is deemed non-emergency may be handled via an email to or the contact link above.
    • This includes in-game username changes.

  • Do not report for events not involving you such as “reporting for a friend”; if a user needs help, they need to be the one to report!

  • Please be aware that from now on, ALL in-game bans will incur a credit penalty! Penalties are as follows:
    • 24 Hour Ban = 5,000 Credits
    • 48 Hour Ban - 10,000 Credits
    • 72 Hour Ban - 15,000 Credits
    • 168 Hour Ban - 20,000 Credits
    • If the account falls into a negative credit balance due to the penalty, the account will be trade banned until the credit balance is positive again.

  Safety Notice

Have fun, make friends, play games, and chat, but please keep in mind - MyVMK must always be a safe and appropriate place for players of all ages.

MyVMK’s Call For Help button is easy to use and always accessible – just click on the HELP button on the lower right of the VMK game window. We encourage you to let us know if anything unsafe or suspicious catches your attention.