MyVMK's Rules

The rules listed below serve only as general guidelines of staying safe and having fun in game. MyVMK reserves the right to refuse admission for any reason at the discretion of our staff members. Please remember that you are responsible for all actions on your computer/IP address. Breaking these rules will result in your access to MyVMK being revoked. Remember that if you see any of these rules being broken (or see anything else that isn’t appropriate for MyVMK), you can report the players in-game using the HELP button, or on the website using the Contact Us button on the navigation bar.

Here are the Rules

When to use the Call for Help Tool

Important Note

Rules and Safety

MyVMK is dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of our players. This is why we have moderators working around the clock to make sure everyone follows our rules.
You can read our rules by clicking on the button below. Be sure to follow them, or you might end up getting banned!
If you have any troubles, you can also contact us by clicking the big CONTACT US button below, too!



Contact Us

Here you can contact the MyVMK Staff. Any questions you have can be entered on here, and you can also use it as a way to report incidents without being inside of the game. Please note, we can't help with anything that happened outside of MyVMK. Remember, you can only use this form once every 10 minutes!

You can also reach us by email via:

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